One One One Options at Fast Food Restaurants

If eating out at fast food restaurants is unavoidable–or just a splurge every now and then!–here are some healthy options you can choose at popular fast food restaurant chains. Many have meals that already fit the One One One bill, but at some, you’ll have to tailor the meal a bit (i.e. by picking either cheese, nuts, or dressing).

One One One Fast Food Options


If you must have fries, skip the bun on your burger and order it in a lettuce wrap. Skip burgers that come with cheese and bacon to avoid overloading on your fat.

  • Chili & Cheese Baked Potato (Carb: Potato; Protein: Chili; Fat: Cheese)

  • Ultimate Chicken Grill (Carb: Bun; Protein: Chicken; Fat: add cheese or a side salad with dressing)

  • 1/4 lb Single (Carb: Bun, Protein: Burger; Fat: Cheese)

  • Grilled Chicken Go Wrap (Carb: Tortilla; Protein: Chicken; Fat: Cheese)

Taco Bell

For an automatically healthier meal, order off the Fresco menu, which replaces sour cream, cheese, creamy sauces, and/or guacamole with pico de gallo. You still get to enjoy one fat though–pick guacamole for the most nutrients!

  • Crunchy Taco (Carb: Tortilla shell; Protein: Beef/chicken; Fat: Cheese)

  • Grilled Steak Soft Taco (Carb: Tortilla; Protein: Steak; Fat: Avocado Ranch Sauce)

  • Fresco Chicken Soft Taco (Carb: Tortilla; Protein: Chicken; Fat: Add guacamole)

  • Fresco Burrito Supreme Chicken (Carb: Tortilla, Protein: Chicken: Fat: Tangy red sauce)

  • Accelerated Option: Cantina Bowl (Carb: Corn and veggies (free); Protein: Chicken/steak; Fat: Guacamole)


Many burgers come with multiple fats, like cheese, mayo, avocado, and ranch–and don’t forget the fat that’s already in the burger or chicken fillet! Limit these added fats to stay on track.

  • Cheeseburger (Carb: Bun; Protein: Burger; Fat: Cheese)

  • Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich (Carb: Bun; Protein: Chicken: Fat: Mayo)

  • Honey Mustard Snack Wrap (Carb: Tortilla; Protein: Chicken; Fat: Cheese)

  • Premium Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken (Carb: Beans; Protein: Chicken; Fat: Southwest Dressing)

  • Accelerated: Chicken McNuggets with Fries (Carb: Fries; Protein & Fat: Chicken)


Almost any sandwich can be adapted to fit the One One One Diet–just choose one meat as your protein and either cheese, avocado, or a dressing as your fat. Then pile as many veggies as you want on your bread of choice!

  • Oven Roasted Chicken (Carb: Bread; Protein: Chicken; Fat: Chipotle Southwest Dressing)

  • Turkey Breast (Carb: Bread; Protein: Chicken; Fat: Add avocado)

  • Black Forest Ham (Carb: Bread; Protein: Ham; Fat: Cheddar cheese)

  • Accelerated: Oven Roasted Chicken Salad (Carb: Lettuce + veggies (free); Protein: Chicken; Fat: Dressing)

Panera Bread

Choose the You Pick Two option of a half salad and half soup to sneak more veggies into your day. Sandwiches are generally a full One One One meal, but you can enjoy a cup of the Vegetarian Creamy Tomato Soup if you leave off the cheese on your sandwich.

  • Sierra Turkey Sandwich (Carb: Bread; Protein: Chicken; Fat: Chipotle mayo)

  • Tomato & Mozzarella Panini (Carb: Bread; Protein: Mozzarella; Fat: Sun-dried tomato pesto)

  • You Pick Two: Greek Salad and Low-Fat All Natural Chicken Noodle Soup (Carb: Noodles; Protein: Chicken; Fat: Feta cheese)

  • Mediterranean Shrimp Couscous Salad (Carb: Couscous; Protein: Shrimp; Fat: Feta cheese)

  • Accelerated: Power Chicken Hummus Bowl (Carb: Veggies (free); Protein: Chicken; Fat: Hummus)


Starbucks has expanded beyond just a bakery counter–most branches now offer sandwiches, salads, and bento-like boxes filled with small bites like fruit, vegetables, cheese, hummus, and almond butter. Don’t forget the milk in your coffee–it can count as a protein or a fat.

  • Chicken & Hummus Bistro Box (Carb: Pita bread; Protein: Chicken; Fat: Hummus)

  • Zesty Chicken & Black Bean Salad Bowl (Carb: Black beans; Protein: Chicken; Fat: Feta cheese)

  • Turkey Rustico Panini (Carb: Focaccia; Protein: Turkey; Fat: Swiss cheese)

  • Oatmeal with Latte (Carb: Oatmeal; Protein: Milk; Fat: Add the mixed nut topping to your oatmeal)

Panda Express

Since many of Panda Express’ dishes are stir-fried, the oil will be your fat for the meal. Many of the sauces are fat-free, but be careful: the Mandarin Sauce packs 40 grams of sugar, and the Sweet and Sour Sauce contains 20. Another tip: share an order of rice (or go rice-free to make it Accelerated!), because one order packs two or three servings.

  • String Bean Chicken Breast with Brown Rice (Carb: Brown rice; Protein: Chicken; Fat; Oil)

  • Broccoli Beef with Brown Rice (Carb: Brown rice; Protein: Beef; Fat: Oil)

  • Accelerated: Firecracker Chicken Breast (Carb: Onions and bell peppers (free); Protein: Chicken; Fat: Oil)


Chipotle is relatively easy to adapt to the One One One Diet–just make sure you stick to one carb and one fat serving. That means either rice, beans, or a tortilla–not all three!–and either sour cream, cheese, or guacamole.

  • Burrito Bowl with Chicken, Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Lettuce and Black Beans (Carb: Black beans; Protein: Chicken; Fat: Guacamole)

  • Burrito with Steak, Pico de Gallo, Lettuce, and Sour Cream (Carb: Tortilla; Protein: Steak; Fat: Sour Cream)

  • Soft Tacos with Choice of Meat, Lettuce, Cheese, Corn Salsa, Pico de Gallo (Carb: Tortillas; Protein: Steak/Chicken/Barbacoa/Carnitas; Fat: Cheese)

  • Burrito Bowl with Fajita Vegetables, Brown Rice, Black Beans, Guacamole, Lettuce, Pico de Gallo (Carb: Brown Rice; Protein: Black Beans; Fat: Guacamole)